Research and Development

2017 · Innovation · Invention · Investigation


Innovation, Invention, Investigation

We strive to excel in service delivery through our Center for Advanced Research and Development {C.A.R.D}. Research and Development is a key driver of scientific and social progress. New opportunities in scientific and technological advancements drive innovation leading to future applications and markets. Our research paradigm is simple and revolves around immediate and longer term benefits for our communities. Some of our leading edge R&D program areas include:

  • Education, Learning, and Training
  • Management and Leadership Solutions
  • Systems, Software and Database Engineering
  • Simulation and Virtual Reality
  • Communications solutions and Engineering
  • Content Management and Graphic Design
  • Capacity and Strength Building
  • Startup Eco Systems
  • Youth Engagement and Women Empowerment
  • Financial and Government Programs Management
  • Public Policy, Advocacy, and Legal Framework
  • Media, Arts, and Design
  • Quality Assurance and Management
  • Healthcare, Defence, Aviation and Industry