Corporate Social Responsibility

2017 · Consulting · Management · Transformation


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As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility we regularly team up with community based organizations and offer Community Development and Awareness Program involving a comprehensive understanding of concepts, practices and strategies in community development including Asset Based Community Development. The programs have been very successful in helping understand the complexities of community dynamics and challenges different communities face in different settings including cultural, social, economic and international challenges.

Our Community Development and Awareness Program consists of:

  • Communities and Development
  • Poverty and Development
  • Precursors to Development
  • Urban and Rural Community Challenges
  • Participation and Development
  • How "Development" is Done: The ABCD Approach


Publish research papers and articles in JARSET, (original or reprints). Unpublished papers are peer reviewed.

Journal of Advance Research in Sciences, Engineering and Technology (JARSET)